If you are interested in joining one of our board member’s committee or learning more about their position, please do not hesitate to contact them, via Slack, email, social media, etc.

Fatima Rodriguez


Physics & Astrophysics

Susana Banuelos

Corporate Vice President

Applied Mathematics

Alex Padilla


Cognitive Science

Claudia Renero

Internal Vice President

Mechanical Engineering

Jorge Soto Peña

Jr. Chapter Liaison

Data Science & Ethnic Studies

Azucena Castro


Data Science

Elias Saravia

Vice President

Applied Mathematics & Data Science

Javier Miranda Flores

Academic Vice President


Guillermo Gonzalez


Computer Science

Andrés Medrano

Transfer Student Liaison

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Jessica Rodriguez

Social Media Manager

Data Science

Diana Sanchez Ruiz

Corporate Vice President

Chemical Engineering

Lizzette Corrales

Outreach Vice President

Mechanical Engineering

Francine Morales

Internal Vice President


Mariela Hernandez

Director of Student Retention

Cognitive Science & Computer Science

Kevin Rubio

Events Coordinator